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Identity Festival Recap Videos + Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth (320)

Hey Everyone sorry its been so long since the last post. I have been busy moving to a new place and getting ready for school. But here is my Identity FEstival videos finally.

Identity Fest was pretty cool. There wasn’t a big turn out in Hollywood probably because of the last minute venue and age limit change. I got some videos of my favorite acts of the night. The guys from Booka Shade did a great live performance even though they played the first half of their set during the day. I then saw Doorly followed by The Crystal Method who also did a very great high energy live set. The dance floor wasn’t packed but it was definitely moving. I also saw Pete Tong and The Disco Biscuits who were okay, but didn’t seem to be pleasing the crowd too much. During Pete Tong it seemed like everyone went out to see Steve Aoki. So I decided to check it out too and it was pretty sweet. His new stage setup was awesome and the guy definitely knows how to work a crowd. Rivers Cuomo of Weezer came out to perform the new track that him and Steve Aoki did. Check out the video of it below. Finally at midnight Pretty Lights came out to finish the night and it was amazing. His stage looked awesome, the sound system was bumpin, and the crowd was loving it. He opened up with the massive track titled “I Know The Truth” which you can download and listen to below. Overall, Identity Festival turned out to be pretty fun.

Download Pretty Lights I Know The Truth

Pretty Lights Remix: John Denver – Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix)

Derek Vincent Smith, better known by the stage name Pretty Lights has released a new remix on his soundcloud.  It’s a unique remix of the old country song, Country Roads,  by John Denver. It does seem strange to remix a country song, but Pretty Lights really takes this one and gives it a new form. The song holds onto some of the country feel of the original, but is now filled with the glitchy, dubby, hip-hoppy, funky, soulful elements that comprise the Pretty Lights production. Pretty Lights displays his inventive creativity with this remix, and continues to show his generosity by giving away all of his music for free! Check out Country Roads along with one of my favorite Pretty Lights EPs below!! Make sure to listen to Look Both Ways

– dan k

John Denver – Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix) (320) (direct)

Pretty Lights – Spilling Over Every Side EP

01) Pretty Lights – High School Art Class (320) (direct)

02) Pretty Lights – Look Both Ways (320) (direct)

03) Pretty Lights – Hot Like Dimes (320) (direct)

04) Pretty Lights – Let The World Hurry By (320) (direct)

05) Pretty Lights – Forever Lost (320) (direct)

06) Pretty Lights – A Million Tomorrows (320) (direct)

If you still need more Pretty Lights then head over to PrettyLightsMusic.com. Here you can find tons of Pretty Lights tracks all for free!!!