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Jakwob – Let It Fall

Hey guys, sorry Ive been so busy lately and havent posted much. I also havent heard anything super exciting recently, but I also havent had to much too much time to search either. I just checked out this track on Jakwob’s Soundcloud and its pretty awesome. If possible, listen to this shit on some goood speakers. The bass slaps hards and and sound overall is full and clean.

– dan K

Jakwob – Let It Fall by jakwob

Jakwob – Right Beside You

Happy August everyone! Here’s a great track from Jakwob. It came out back in May, but it’s his newest single. Its got some of those sexy basslines were all used to hearing. Listen to it below and make sure to check out the music video too.

Oh and I hope all the Bass Heads are ready for the new Bassnectar Album out tomorrow. I listened to a few of the tracks and I am definitely not disappointed. We can talk about it more tomorrow :).

Also the Hard Summer Set Times are out check them out here Hard Summer Set Times We will have a post featuring Hard Summer soon!

Jakwob – Right Beside You (320)